Lebron. Newborn session League City

Aw poor Will…I’ve been calling him Lebron (because his last name is James) for so long that Will just doesn’t feel right to me yet! haha jk. Welcome Will! You were born into a family of some of my favorite people! When you are old enough to talk you need to hit me up for some good college stories about your mom!:)Congrats to all of you. I love you guys!Untitled-1

closing day. houston family session

i LOVED the feel of this session. we had a very special location to use that was monica’s first house and we had a time crunch because on friday it will no longer be her house. we wanted to preserve it forever in pictures and fill the house with her gorgeous family’s laughter and love! rose fam – thank you so much for allowing me the chance to work with you over and over, my friends, i love you guys!
Untitled-1closing day.

Sparkly. Houston Family Photographer

I love the families I work with. I am so grateful I get the chance to work with so many of them over and over and over. I get so attached! I have always felt like this family has so much sparkle to their personalities..such genuine smiles, hilarious humor and so much real love going on. We decided to take a walk in a typical Sunday morning for them to capture real memories. We went to their favorite park and walked by their brunch hang out, played and then finished with cake because someone was turning ONE shortly after! I had so much fun with you Bowyers…like always. Thank you so much!

Beau. Newborn Photographer Houston

Laura + Art – The time I got to spend with yall was so special to me! I’d been dying to meet Beau since the second I found out about him and OMG I fell in love! I am so happy for you guys…SO happy. I can’t wait to watch Beau grow through the years and you better believe Aunt Kelly will want to see him ALOT. Thank you for allowing me to spend the day with yall! Love you!

cousins. houston photographer

oh how i love these cousins so much…their parents are pretty much the bomb so it makes total sense why they are so cool:)thank you for allowing me to see both of you on the same day – it just about made my month! i always have a great time with yall. lisa – i cannot wait for the party next weekend and the chance to see the birthday boy again. thank you for that opportunity too!
allison and jordan
becca and jeff – how cute is elijah eating his cheerios?!
i am so happy all of you were game for my big balloons and trying a new location. you guys are the best. muah!