a little peak of my october to december

so…admittedly i accepted WAY too much work for the last few months..but how can you turn down returning clients who you love with all your heart!? that is very hard to do…so i didn’t, ha! and therefore, something had to give, and instead of passing up clients i love, i just gave up with blogging. i want to feel a little sense of “i’m caught up” so i’m posting a little picture from each of the 30+ sessions i wasn’t able to blog those months. some we are keeping secret because they will be given as gifts or i wasn’t able to blog for one reason or the other but for the most part…here they are! lots of exciting stuff happened over the holidays – baby’s were born, milestones were reached, family came in town…and on and on. i am SO happy i was able to be a part of it. thank you client friends! i adore you!
…and we have a little news of our own! we found out that we’re having a girl. she’ll be due in may. we are all looking forward to adding a little pink into the mix at the garvey house!

sarah - These are amazing kelly!!! Congrats on your new addition! So exciting!

happy birthday ky. houston lifestyle session

This is one of my very best friends, Jenn. She is an amazing photographer and awesome friend to me; beautiful on the inside and outside too. We have been through so much together through the years. We can say anything to each other and I love it. Everyone needs a friend like that!
Jenn has a very different photography style than I but we still love and appreciate each other’s work so much that we are able to swap sessions from time to time and it is SO nice having each other for this. This is Jenn’s home studio…it’s beautiful and white and bright. So Jenn.
This is her new kitchen in the gorgeous home that her architect husband, Kelly Cusimano created for them. It is the perfect setting for a big FIRST birthday celebration so that’s just what we did. Happy Birthday Ky! You are so precious.
I can’t wait to give Jenn these pictures. I get to see her tonight when we celebrate her birthday that actually happened over the summer! (Better late than never right?). We actually shot this session a while ago. Jenn’s pictures got pushed back because of my client work and although I felt bad, she totally understood since she’s a photographer too.
Jenn and Kelly – I LOVE your family so much and yall mean so much to me! These kids are precious to me and I am so excited for our next get together where we can all hang out. It’s so fun watching each other’s families grow together!
It was really fun getting time with you guys all to myself! I loved playing around with all of the great spaces around your house. Thank you SO much for asking me to do this!
Jenn, I love our friendship! I love that we have so much in common and we have kids that are close in age and that even our architect husband’s have a lot to talk about. Love you!

Bobbijo - What a beautiful family and home! But really who has a kitchen that clean??! :)

Great images!

baby finley. houston newborn session

What an adorable family this is. I was so thankful to have the referral from Sabrina K Photography. Thank you Sabrina! Big sister Lyla is so adorable and proud. I think she is ready for Finley to start dressing up with her and playing princess! Thanks you so much Scott family…

sabrina koogler - What an amazing family and gorgeous session! Can I be you when I grow up, Kelly Garvey? Such an amazing photographer! I absolutely love this family and this new addition is just the sweetest! I love how these sisters are already having a blast together!!!! Big BIG hugs and love on this session!!! Beautiful! Gorgeous!!!! Congratulations, Scott family!!!!

Iris - What a beautiful family. Your photographs are amazing, as always.

Reucassel. Houston Lifestyle Family Session

Oh Reucassels…yall are just so much fun. Your session was so refreshing and fun and free…thank you for that! Your home is filled with such joy and happiness. You two are such amazing parents and I am so lucky to call you friends. Thank you for hiring me for pictures again…I’m honored! xo

Iris - These are awesome. What a fun family to photograph, Kelly.