baby daniel. houston lifestyle session

When you hear from a couple whose wedding you shot a couple years back and they say they are having a baby and ask if you can be their photographer, you just HAVE to come out of maternity leave hiding to shoot their session. And boy am I glad I did. OH MY GOSH how I love Daniel…and his mom and dad. They have such a sweet spot in my heart and I am SO glad I got to share wedding and baby with them. Or actually, that they shared these times with ME. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be the one they picked. I had a blast and it was the perfect session to come back to work after maternity leave. Thank you Ashley and Windsen. I just love you guys! Congrats from the bottom of my heart!

our spring break. family vacation

Best. Vacation. Ever. I highly recommend Rosemary Beach if you’ve never been there. We were so grateful to be able to go on a vacation this year and it was everything we’d dreamed it would be. Here’s a small sampling of the 2,000+ pictures I took! And I edited them only two months late this time…I am impressed with myself! I have a small obsession with beach cruisers now and I think I neeeeeeed one.Untitled-1

my family. grandparent session

I love my family so much. One day I was thinking and realized that my parents really need to be in more pictures with their grandchildren. They don’t particularly like being photographed, I don’t think, so we just never make it a priority…and it needs to be! So…for my dad’s birthday or Father’s Day or something I gifted him a session. I can’t remember what the occasion was because it was so long ago! We finally worked out our schedules sometime in March where we could ALL make it work. It was an unseasonably freezing Spring Break day with wind that felt like it may blow us over but we made the best of it! Nini + Pa, you guys are so special to ALL of us. We love you from the bottom of our hearts!Untitled-1

a little peak of my february to april

Well I did it again…I got behind on blogging. I said I wouldn’t go there again but I did! I wouldn’t feel like my blog was complete without representing a small sampling of the sessions from February to April so without further ado…here are are some of the sessions I never had a chance to blog.
blog sessions

miss quincy. first birthday lifestyle photo session

oh it is so much fun taking pictures of people who share the same love for photography that i do. this family was all about capturing the essence of who their daughter is and who they are as a family which i LOOOOOOVE! we went for “a day in the life of” feel mixing in home and an outside location around the corner from their house. quincy is close to turning one and is doing all kinds of tricks now so it was the perfect time to get it on camera. i just love her and her puppy, sox, together. they are so snuggly! miranda + brad: i loved working with you guys. it has been so much fun getting to know you guys. thanks so much for choosing me to be your photographer!