evan. houston newborn photographer

i loved coming into this couple’s beautifully decorated home. lina & hal’s home is so peaceful…the colors & decor were so much fun for pictures! i was really excited to meet little evan after meeting his parents before he was born because they didn’t have a name picked out yet & i couldn’t wait to hear what they had decided on! evan is a beautiful name & it fits him perfectly. lina & hal – thank you for having me over & thank you for sharing evan with me. he is a doll! love that sweet face & all his beautiful hair!

sara - love these kelly!! adorable family!

waiting. houston maternity photographer

uumm…isn’t that the cutest little bump you have ever seen? if i looked like that while pregnant, i would have another kid or ten! that adorable bump belongs to a dear friend of mine (and photographer)…the talented jennifer cusimano. i can’t wait to see the amazing newborn pictures she takes of her baby.i was so impressed by the cooperation of sweet big sis, kinley. it’s obvious she is ready & excited to be a big sister. and the love she has for her momma was so precious to watch.i have big plans for this little baby girl when she hatches…she better be ready! she’ll have a packed calendar before she even knows what a calendar is! of course she’ll have to date my little miles…they’ll probably get pretty serious & she’ll be real busy going on dates with him to the library every week & stuff like that 😉 kidding, but really…i am soooo excited to meet her.congrats cusimanos! i love you guys & am so excited for all of you! xoxo (kelly thanks for being a cooperative picture taker, too!)

Jen Cooke - What a beautiful family!!

aubrey - i LOVE every single one! these are beautiful kelly and jennifer you are stunning!!! can’t wait to see her!

Carol - LOVE!!

Laurie - What a cute family! Nice job Kelly!

Nicole - These are absolutely stunning images!

Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) - Oh wow Kelly!!! Your work is amazing! I so wish I had pictures like this when I was pregnant <3 And Jennifer, you are simply glowing! I love big sister's joy too :)

Megan - Gorgeous photos and family–Jennifer looks amazing! :)

Elicia - I think this is one of my favorite sessions of yours Kelly! Truly a beautiful family. You look gorgeous Jennifer!

Beira - HOT MAMA! Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! What a beautiful family. I still can’t get over how stunning Jennifer is and how good pregnancy looks on her!

Jennifer Cusimano - Love these Kelly! Thank you so much. Loving all the sweet comments too! Thank you!

Tracy - These are so gorgeous and Jennifer – you look amazing!!

Jenni - This are amazing – and Jenn – you look fabulous.

little star. woodlands lifestyle baby photographer

am i not the luckiest photographer? the cuteness rating of little sasha is off the charts! and her momma is GORGEOUS. perfect little duo.freda – i genuinely LOVED getting to know you. you are a beautiful person inside & out…i could’ve stayed all day talking to you & as it was i probably stayed too long!you have a GORGEOUS family…every last one of you! i am so happy i got to meet you all. i can’t WAIT to get to know the other 3 better! sasha is a doll….loved having you two as my subjects. sammy & freda – thank you for welcoming me into your home & for being so inviting – can’t wait to see you all again in the fall!

Elicia - What a gorgeous little doll baby! You did a fantastic job Kelly!

Hil C - I am always a big fan of your work! What a beautiful Mom and babe! Love them all:)

Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) - Oh wow!! This is the cutest baby ever!! And the pictures with Mom are so sweet, full of love and joy! Your work is amazing as always!!

Beira - Oh what a doll! These are so beautiful. Awesome job. Gosh, she’s such a cutie.

Jenny - How did I miss these? FABULOUS job, totally adore them :)

Jenni - Kelly, this is delicious. Love your processing and that little lovely is just adorable!

welcome jackson. houston lifestyle newborn photographer

Allie & Chris – i LOVED my time at your house & loved little jackson. you guys made me feel so welcomed & i had so much fun!jackson is such a little angel…couldn’t have been more easy for me! and chris – you sure were a trooper having picture day on your birthday! thanks so much for everything. i hope you enjoy your sneak peek!thank you for sharing jackson with me!

Beira - What a cutie pie! I love that first image–it feels like a glimpse into their lives from a passersby perspective.

well traveled. houston lifestyle newborn photographer

luna is by far the most well-traveled baby around. by 2 weeks old she’d been to college station, houston & then back to doha. not for a second did walid & engy seem overwhelmed or tired traveling with a newborn & 3 year old! i was so impressed!big sister, ruby, was AMAZING. i made sure to take tons of pictures of her while luna was eating. my favorite was when she told the man on the elevator who got off on floor 5 – “bye mister number five!” love that girl.and luna was perfect as well. beautiful, perfect little family! and i got to take their pictures. i am so lucky. thanks engy & walid – LOVED getting to know you all! thanks erin for hooking us up! xoxo

Jen Cooke - What a beautiful family!! Great job Kelly!!

sally - these images are so incredibly captivating. The light is brilliant and the family is gorgeous (and LUCKY to have these pictures!)…

mollie - just lovely and dreamy and real. exactly how i like newborns and families shot- these are wonderful memories