emme. richmond baby photographer

Happy birthday (well back in December) little Emme! I am so happy your mom & dad called me to take more pictures. The last time I saw you, you were a little peanut….beautiful, sleepy & perfect. You are still the same – beautiful & perfect (minus the sleepy!). I had so much fun with you guys….thanks so much:)

welcome alice. houston lifestyle hospital photographer

oh sophie, bella, ben & lucy – how excited am i that your momma asked me to come do this. what a special time – the first time you officially got to meet your new baby. i am honored to have been a part of it. your family is so so special – i could feel the love radiating all through out that room & it made me so happy for yall. little alice, one day you will realize how loved you are! those big brothers & sisters will watch over you, love you & be there for you…you are so so lucky. love you wheeless-es! all of you! thanks for sharing that with me!

Holly - (sniff sniff sniffffffffffff) sooooooo sweet!!!!

Jen Cooke - Awww these are great Kelly! You can feel the excitement in the air!!

Lacey - These are so wonderful, Kelly! I just love all the excited smiles and the sweet kiddos surrounding their little sister!

Lerin - I am in tears! This truly exceeded all expectations… as always, you are amazing. I know how hard this shoot was in close quarters with icky lighting… and you made it look PERFECT! Thank you so much! I am so honored to have had you there. What a blessing you are to me and my family!

Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) - This is sooooo sweet. You captured so many perfect moments here!!!

Melissa - Kelly, I know the mommy is going to LOVE these! What sweet moments you captured. I love how all of the siblings are taking turns kissing her. So precious!

Jennifer - These are precious!!! LOVE the waiting image, too cute.

julian evans - these are beautiful! I SO wish I had images like this from my kids’ births…what a gift you’ve given to this family!

Leah Cook - oh my the sibling shots are just amazing. what a gift you have given them, Kelly!

Jessica - Melted my heart.

brayden. cypress family photographer

Dear Baby Brayden – You are not really a baby anymore! I saw you last when you were like 2 weeks old & oh how, you’ve grown! You are so sweet, smily & fun to photograph (just like when you were a newborn!). I am so glad I have gotten to know your mom & dad through pictures & that your mom & I have our little partnership going:)You have a FUN birthday party big boy!