brayden. cypress family photographer

Dear Baby Brayden – You are not really a baby anymore! I saw you last when you were like 2 weeks old & oh how, you’ve grown! You are so sweet, smily & fun to photograph (just like when you were a newborn!). I am so glad I have gotten to know your mom & dad through pictures & that your mom & I have our little partnership going:)You have a FUN birthday party big boy!

tabitha’s bump. houston maternity photographer

i LOVE my clients & this cute couple was NO exception…they were SO much fun! they were up for anything, laid back, in great spirits & enjoyed being behind the camera! i get to photograph their baby soon, too – YAY! i can hardly wait! thank you guys! so nice working with you!CONGRATS! can’t wait to meet sophia!

Leah Cook - oh my goodness…that is one GORGEOUS mama to be. wow!! that baby will be beautiful. love these, Kelly, what a fun session!!

sara - what a great session, kelly! love the variety…and the light, my goodness the light is beautiful in that first collage.

Julia - What a wonderful session!! Beautiful parents to be – and you really captured their excitement.

Amy - Wow, what a stunning couple and beautiful locations! Love all of these, Kelly!

Monica Wilkinson - WOWZA!! Great images and a beautiful momma-to-be!!!

Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) - Wow!!! What a gorgeous Mom-to-be, and a stunning couple! This session screams JOY and happiness! Fantastic work!!

Kim Kravitz - I LOVE the ones on the porch swing! She is just stunning!!

Nance Heidemann - Kelly, these are so wonderful! Love love love!!

Cynthia Terrell - A super variety of poses – that ALL work. My favorites are the ones that include a glow from the warmth of the sunshine. Great work.

Tammy Bilodeau - Great images Kelly. I just love your work :)

Jen Cooke - Kelly these are amazing! Beautiful location, light, couple… everything!

JodyM - She is gorgeous and the session is too! Love the light.

Michelle E. - This is a fantastic session! Really really beautiful.

Hil C - I love these! Great locations! You can tell you connect really well with your clients. Super work!

this week in pictures 2012 week one. cm pro daily blog

I decided to start blogging all of my 365 pictures on my blog at the end of each week! If you have never stopped to look at the CM Pro Daily Blog, do it! There are so many talented photographers posting pictures everyday & it is really fun to watch. To check out everyone’s work click here.To see more of my images click here. It’s addicting to look at everyone’s work on there!

a look back at 2011. houston photographer

Admittedly I have trouble cutting back! This was meant to be a short post with 11 of my favorite pictures from 2011 but I was unable to do that. Looking back at this year brought a big smile to my face. There were so many fun times & good memories made; all thanks to my awesome clients. I just had to share lots of pictures! I am feeling more & more lucky to have a job I LOVE. It was just this past school year that I was teaching AND doing photography. I loved teaching but really wanted to do photography full time so that I could devote more time to it. I never thought I’d actually be able to give up teaching to be a full-time photographer but took a leap of faith & gave it a shot. I am so glad I did. This year has been beyond busy with lots of sessions but I have truly enjoyed every second of it, chaotic & all. Thank you thank you for your loyalty, referrals, kind words…I LOVE MY CLIENTS SO MUCH! Seriously.

Lots of exciting stuff has happened this year. Here’s just some of it…I know there is more! I need to think!
Sometime during the 123 sessions in 2011, Kelly Garvey Photography….
-Bought a new camera body, along with 4 new lenses & LOTS of other fun photography equipment (closer to the beginning of 2011)
-Got a new blog design (beginning of the year) by Penny Lane Designs
-Signed up for a merchant account so that I can now accept credit cards & debit cards without going through Paypal
-Purchased a brand new photocart gallery that I am just about to click GO on! It will be so much nicer, so I can’t wait to be using it (designed by Heather at LoveBugs Design).
-Developed a new more straight-forward, user friendly pricing structure with help from lots of mentoring sessions, thought & research to find what clients would like most (thanks Amii Wroblewski for the mentoring on this!)
-Have new information packets designed by Emily Lyszaz!
-Have new marketing materials designed by Sara Seeton!
-Bought a new computer, monitor, calibration kit, etc.
-Became a CM Pro
-Took tons of awesome classes on Clickinmoms (I loooove learning & I loooove CM!)
-Put all forms on machforms for clients to fill out online instead of on paper
-Have a line up of products I LOVE for this year (can’t wait to show off the new image boxes!)
-Am pregnant & having another boy in March!
-Have been participating in the CM Pro Daily Blog
-Have been featured on many websites: CM, Inspire Me Baby, Click It Up A Notch, to name a few….now I hear that Mpix might use some of my images, too – yea!
-Bought brand new boxes, bags, bows, stickers, address labels, & packaging to start out the year fresh (from Rice Studio)
-Have met tons of awesome photographer friends in the area & all over….I LOVE my friends in the business so much

I *tried* to pick one picture per session for this post. As you can see I failed & even picked more than one on some! If I missed your session it was either
a. a complete accident or
b. because your session is archived on an external hard drive that I can’t get to right now possibly because you are on the baby’s first year plan or something.
Right now I only have access to March 2011 & beyond bc the other months are in an offsite backup drive!

I sincerely loved ALL of my sessions this year & working with all of my awesome clients. I feel like I have met a whole slew of new friends through photography…some of the people I keep in touch with the most are friendships I have made through photography. Can this job get any better?!  I appreciate all of you more than you know!!!

Happy 2012 everybody! I hope it is THE BEST!Thanks again for making 2011 a great year for Kelly Garvey Photography.

Jaime - I love this! Happy 2012- wishing you a super blessed year!

Nance Heidemann - Wow! What a year! Beautiful images!

Jen Cooke - Wow, Kelly. What an amazing collection of photo’s from 2011!! Congratulations on taking a leap of faith to do this full time!! From your photo’s, I’d say this is definitely your calling in life!! xoxo

Lila - Wow, what a fabulous year you’ve had!! Gorgeous work! I can’t wait to see what amazing work you do in 2012!

Leah Cook - amazing!! wow – you were BUSY, Kelly – what lucky clients!!!!!! gorgeous work and happy 2012 :)

Amy - Wow, Kelly! You have been super busy! Congratulations on a fabulous year!

Kelly Garvey Photography | a look back at 2012. houston photographer - [...] to stick with ONE image from each client session in 2012. ONE! last year i went buck wild with my blog post so this was a task! i really had to open each session & look through them to find the one i [...]