site down. houston photographer

Once again I am having issues with my blog deleting entire sessions. I think it is up to about 25 sessions now over the course of several months that are just GONE…VANISHED! My hosting company is looking into this problem to find out what is going on. I am just as annoyed at this problem (because re-doing all of this work will take FOREVER for me & I WANT all of the sessions to remain live so that everybody can see them!) as you are when you receive a link from me & several days later it says “Page Cannot Be Found.” I’m sorry & hope to get it resolved soon! Just in case I have recently sent a link to you that is no longer good, I wanted to make sure you all know why! Hope to have good news that this problem has been resolved SOON! (Hopefully you actually see this post & it doesn’t get wiped out, too!)

sophia + alexa. houston family photographer

I LOVE light so it makes me sad when it’s overcast on picture day! Luckily last night the light was dreamy so I was in heaven! Pair some good light with a beautiful family, adorable sisters & straight out of a magazine outfits & you can’t go wrong! Thank you so much Irma & Elias! It was awesome to see you again. I can’t believe it has almost been a year since the Layla Grace pictures when I last saw you. Sophia & Alexa are way too cute!

Leah Cook - WOW. those girls are gorgeous!! beautiful work, Kelly. love their little outfits…so stinkin’ cute!

cv Love - So sweet! =)

a one year old fashionista. katy family photographer

I am so lucky because I have been able to watch this little muffin grow from a newborn at about a week old to now. And boy is she cute! And busy…and fashionable….and full of personality. It was really cold, windy & dreary. She was SO. GOOD. After I learned that Rowas had been in the ER most the night sick. What a trooper!

Thanks for your loyalty Christina & Ryan. I ALWAYS love seeing you! I had a great time with you guys! Hope you enjoy your pictures!

Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) - Oh what a cutie!!! And you captured her so beautifully Kellly! She has the most infectious smile!

Beira - She is adorable! I love the variety you captured for them. Beautiful work.

Tami - What an adorable family! I love the connections you captured between them.

Erin Wheeler - Wow! What a cutie! This are so beautiful-you can’t even tell it was cold & dreary!

self portraits with my little guy. houston photographer

These pictures are all unedited & posted just as they came out of the camera using the interval timer…my new favorite thing:)

I am sure everyone will get sick of hearing me talk about this & of seeing pictures of me…but….I am so excited about something that Sarah Wilkerson over at clickinmoms taught me. I know I will get sick of seeing me…I personally don’t like seeing myself in pictures but I am just so excited about what she showed me. I was asking her about wireless remotes because mine crapped out on me & she told me about a feature that my camera has that would allow me not to need one. It was so much fun taking pictures today with Garrett that I got carried away & took tons. I might even do it tomorrow, too!:)Sarah is such a good teacher. So glad she told me about this feature. I think I will write a tutorial for on how to use this feature (for people who have this feature on their camera). Thanks Sarah!

Courtney - I can’t believe this are unedited! Way to nail the SOOC!! I LOVE interval timing too and can’t wait to read your tutorial :O) You will treasure these for sure!

Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) - Love!!!! You are so right, I absolutely need to do this with my boys, those are pictures you will cherish for a lifetime!! And wow, you’re rocking your SOOCs!!!