welcome willie. houston family & newborn photographer

little willie you have no idea how much i love you! i feel llike you & i are buddies now after hanging out a few times & then there was that time you were comfortable enough to poop on me! you better call me aunt kelly or ELSE:)
aubrey, mark, avery & blake CONGRATULATIONS! what a perfect little family willie was brought into – he couldn’t be a more lucky guy! have fun with him! xo

Sarah - These are gorgeous kelly! What a beautiful family and stunning location!!

Ashley Grimmer - HOLY MOLY!! Beautiful people and location!! Are places like this REALLY in Houston? Where in the world is this?

kelly - thank you ashley! this was just the side of the road really! i think it’s the light that made it nice but without that pretty light it would have been nothing exciting! thanks so much fo r the sweet comment. yes they are a beautiful family!

thomas. houston lifestyle session

I love that the families I work with take the time to tell me so much about themselves. They always participate so willingly in the planning process which makes it so much fun for me on the day of the shoot as well as during the planning leading up to it. It means so much to me that you all partner up & help me know you better so I can better serve you & try to really customize your session to you! You guys were no exception…from the start I have loved our conversations & dialogue in getting ready for the shoot. Thank you for that! I am so excited to work with you again too when your baby arrives! Thank you again Jason & Catherine – Happy Birthday Thomas! See you guys in a couple months!

new sister :) houston lifestyle newborn session

jordan is a big brother thanks to allison joining her beautiful family a few weeks ago! congratulations amir & lisa – i loved getting to know you guys. jordan was so much fun to hang out with & i appreciate how easy going & relaxed you guys were. you really made me feel at home! can’t wait to show you the rest. i hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

letters to our children. september

it’s time for september’s round of “letters to our children.” i am so glad this blog circle deadline forced me to look at pictures from our summer vacation a month ago that i hadn’t even looked at yet. i wasn’t able to edit more than about five of these so don’t judge! when you’re done here please go check out my buddy laurie flickinger then follow the circle around. thank you:)

dear miles & garrett …

you guys went on your first far away vacation in august. you flew on a big airplane & stayed in a hotel. we ate out every meal & lived it up doing all kinds of fun stuff. it was awesome. i am so happy we all got to share that time together!

even though it was just what we needed & i wish we could go back right now…please remember you don’t have to be on vacation to have fun. live each day like you’re on vacation! you can have fun no matter where you are. you don’t have to be doing anything extravagant or expensive to get crazy, laugh, & let your hair down! life is short…we may not be able to go on a vacation like this every year but i fully intend to live up everyday i have with you here on this earth because just being with you guys is better than any vacation there is. you guys are such a gift.

i got this from a wise little fortune cookie:
minutes are worth more than money. spend them wisely. (whether you are on vacation or not!)



p.s. daddy was there too! he had his shirt off in all of the pictures he was in so i kept him out for blogging purposes:)

Janey - Wow, great job documenting your trip! Looks like sooooo much fun!

Laurie - Kelly! omg these pictures are amazing. and you documented your trip so effortlessly. I’m stunned. By every image. Love them and love you :)

aubrey - i LOVE these!!! your trip looks like so much fun! love them all!

two…maternity photos houston tx

i know you can’t tell because she is so tiny but there are TWO little boys in that belly. i can’t wait to photograph those two nuggets when they get here! lauren & michael…thanks for being so much fun. i loved my time with you guys & you kept me laughing! can’t wait to see you guys again. xo