Baby James. 6 Weeks Old

Congratulations Suzanna and Jonathan! I had so much fun with both of you and your little man. He is adorable. I thought we’d struggle a little bit with certain shots since he is older than the typical newborn session age but he was SO GOOD! Congratulations on your beautiful family. Suzanna I hope you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day last weekend:)
Thank you for hiring me to take pictures.

My Buddy. Sweet Baby

This is my buddy Elijah…I love him! He and I go way back to 9 months ago when he was born and then again a few months ago when he was about 6 months old. I think he remembers me! Mr Eye Contact was staring right into my camera lens with those big, gorgeous, blue eyes. Becca & Ingrid…so glad I got to see you again. I had so much fun playing around with all of you!
Untitled-1Bye until next time!:)
Have a good weekend! xo

catching up

I have the sweetest, most supportive, loving, AWESOME clients…I am serious. I get to meet the nicest people with the biggest hearts in Houston! I have been behind after moving and have been working hard to get caught up. I’m over here feeling awful about it and all I get is love and understanding from everyone THANK YOU! Now introducing two families near and dear to me…:) Thanks for looking!
sneak peek blog post ryans

happy. family photographer pearland tx

I have that song stuck in my head now because while I was editing it came on the radio…perfect song to listen to while editing this family’s session. Shaina and Chris – thank you for sharing your Tuesday with me…for getting up early…for taking work off…for being so much FUN! I really enjoyed getting to know you guys! I am so happy Jenn shared me with you this time. xo
lifestyle + portrait combo session

Jennifer Cusimano - Beautiful family, beautiful pictures!

briana + himma. maternity session

it means so much to me when i get to work with the same lovely people over and over, get to know them better with each session and watch their families grow. that’s why i was so excited when i heard from briana eek! there’s another one on the way – i am so excited! thank you for sharing these special memories with me. i had such a good time with you guys and can’t wait to meet the new baby! briana – you are glowing and so beautiful! himma – you’re a doll!