welcome valerie. 9 weeks old manvel tx

I have been the lucky photographer to work with this family here and here and here and oh another busy christmas season session where i were too busy to blog it before the pictures were all done and in their possession..oh and then also headshots for adame & garza law (shout out to you guys!). thank you thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continuously see your precious family! eva marie is a beautiful big sister to valerie. what a gorgeous family you have, congrats! and thank you again.Untitled-1

Katherine, a Year Later. Family/ Baby Photographer Houston

What a difference a year makes…wow! I took Katherine’s newborn pictures right after she was born. Katherine moved far, far away shortly after I last saw her so I was ecstatic to hear from them when they come in town to visit. I was really happy they made it a priority to squeeze in a session while they were all here because then I’d get to see them all again! I get attached to my clients ya know:)Martins – soooo good to see you. Thank you for contacting me again. Katherine is an absolute doll and I enjoyed it so much. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Neha - Love these kelly!! love the ones in the bathroom!

Violet. Houston Lifestyle Newborn Session

Oh how I love this family SO much. Thank you thank you to a good friend for sending them my way…Sara – I appreciate it! I went into the session thinking it might be a little challenging due to the fact that Violet was 2 weeks old already but not at all. Violet was a gem. Her big sisters, Milla and Scarlett, were precious. I was never so entertained while at work as I was with them…they performed their dance recital songs for me and made me my own bracelet, invited me for snow cones;)LOVE THEM!Untitled-1
Carly and Greg – thank you for your patience and for welcoming into your home. I love your girls – what a beautiful family you have. I look forward to more pictures! xx

Baby James. 6 Weeks Old

Congratulations Suzanna and Jonathan! I had so much fun with both of you and your little man. He is adorable. I thought we’d struggle a little bit with certain shots since he is older than the typical newborn session age but he was SO GOOD! Congratulations on your beautiful family. Suzanna I hope you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day last weekend:)
Thank you for hiring me to take pictures.

My Buddy. Sweet Baby

This is my buddy Elijah…I love him! He and I go way back to 9 months ago when he was born and then again a few months ago when he was about 6 months old. I think he remembers me! Mr Eye Contact was staring right into my camera lens with those big, gorgeous, blue eyes. Becca & Ingrid…so glad I got to see you again. I had so much fun playing around with all of you!
Untitled-1Bye until next time!:)
Have a good weekend! xo