future daughter in law? family photographer that traveled to austin tx

i was grinning from ear to ear while taking this family’s pictures. the. entire. time. they are witty, they are hilarious, they are silly and they LOVE each other! the love was radiating out from real life into my camera and i liked it:)thank you thakn you mattis family for asking me time and time again to take your pictures. your loyalty is never forgotten or unappreciated. i am so glad to call you guys friends and loved getting to see you again even with a new address in a different city. xx
oh and what is the future daughter in law part all about? well izzy and my garrett get all smiley around each other. garrett plays the “oooh girls are gross” card unless it’s izz we’re talking about then he gets all smiley!

welcome valerie. 9 weeks old manvel tx

I have been the lucky photographer to work with this family here and here and here and oh another busy christmas season session where i were too busy to blog it before the pictures were all done and in their possession..oh and then also headshots for adame & garza law (shout out to you guys!). thank you thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continuously see your precious family! eva marie is a beautiful big sister to valerie. what a gorgeous family you have, congrats! and thank you again.Untitled-1

Katherine, a Year Later. Family/ Baby Photographer Houston

What a difference a year makes…wow! I took Katherine’s newborn pictures right after she was born. Katherine moved far, far away shortly after I last saw her so I was ecstatic to hear from them when they come in town to visit. I was really happy they made it a priority to squeeze in a session while they were all here because then I’d get to see them all again! I get attached to my clients ya know:)Martins – soooo good to see you. Thank you for contacting me again. Katherine is an absolute doll and I enjoyed it so much. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Neha - Love these kelly!! love the ones in the bathroom!

Violet. Houston Lifestyle Newborn Session

Oh how I love this family SO much. Thank you thank you to a good friend for sending them my way…Sara – I appreciate it! I went into the session thinking it might be a little challenging due to the fact that Violet was 2 weeks old already but not at all. Violet was a gem. Her big sisters, Milla and Scarlett, were precious. I was never so entertained while at work as I was with them…they performed their dance recital songs for me and made me my own bracelet, invited me for snow cones;)LOVE THEM!Untitled-1
Carly and Greg – thank you for your patience and for welcoming into your home. I love your girls – what a beautiful family you have. I look forward to more pictures! xx

Baby James. 6 Weeks Old

Congratulations Suzanna and Jonathan! I had so much fun with both of you and your little man. He is adorable. I thought we’d struggle a little bit with certain shots since he is older than the typical newborn session age but he was SO GOOD! Congratulations on your beautiful family. Suzanna I hope you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day last weekend:)
Thank you for hiring me to take pictures.