little katherine. lifestyle newborn photographer

it is so much fun meeting new clients! the raneys were incredibly sweet from the start. from the meeting to the session and after i was a HUGE raney family fan and that’s why i am feeling very lucky to get to work with them again several more times in the next year. thank you again for allowing me the privilege to document this time in your lives. and thank you for being so awesome!
raney famra

sean + shannon. san antonio wedding

wow…what a whirlwind! i was working alone on this wedding and it was a three day affair. it all went by so quick.

this wedding was a blast. this is a FUN group right here. i had already had the privilege of working with sean and shannon a few times before their wedding and loved them already so i felt very comfortable with them. they are truly the sweetest. their guests were also sweet (and did i mention, fun?!). they all treated me like i was a guest at the wedding and not the hired help ha. i got to know everyone so well over the three days and really enjoyed myself. we were at an amazing resort style hotel in san antonio that just made it feel like a vacation even though i was working.

sean and shannon – i am so happy for you guys. you two sparkle when you are with each other! i know you have had some excitement recently – a new house, a 30th birthday, a first birthday. i love keeping up with your lives and genuinely care about you guys. thank you so much for having me a part of your BIG day!

now without further ado here are some pictures! now mind you, i had thousands to look back through when blogging which was quite overwhelming so i went ahead and kind of picked the ones i put here by “enny meeny miny mo!” hope you like the ones i picked and that they make you feel like you are re-living the day all over again!

let’s start right with the main event then work backwards. the ceremony! we thought it might get rained out and moved inside but shannon and sean stayed cool as cucumbers about it anyway. it was dark outside but the prayers worked and it was actually nice and cool outside! a perfect surprise to the warm weather we were having earlier in the day! everything went down perfectly!

getting ready.
getting ready


onto the reception. it was a wild night!

now we will back track a bit.

during the day leading up to the big festivities began with an early morning. golf for the guys and spa for the girls! here’s a peek from their morning…
golf spa

here’s a sampling of pictures from rehearsal night. there was so much celebrating! it was a party! and it was really fun..even for me. so much planning went into this and it showed.
rehearsal carnival night

that day everyone had lots of fun by the pool and lazy river.
pool time

thursday night before the saturday night wedding the mcnally/kellagher crew welcomed all of their loved ones with a nice dinner and opportunity to get quality time! excitement was in the air!
oak tavern

thank you again sean and shannon. i loved being there! xo

whole crew. houston family photographer

i have been lucky enough to work with the tapick family many, many times and each time i love it as much as the last! i have been introduced to jeff’s sister’s family as well and now becca’s sister, mom and dad. i have met friends at birthday parties. i’ve been fortunate enough to watch their kids grow up from their first week of life until now. i get so attached to my clients and feel so lucky that i get the time i get with them! it makes working. thanks for spending part of your birthday with me, becca and thanks to the whole crew for spending part of their trip with me! you guys are so sweet!Untitled-1
i’m glad the rain stopped long enough to get your pictures in and i hope you love them!

one thursday morning. houston lifestyle photographer

aahh i love this session so much. it was a great time photographing my sweet friend and her beautiful family. they are adorable (as if you couldn’t tell) and it meant so much to me to be able to do these pictures for them. catherine is the type of person who is as beautiful on the inside as she is stunning on the outside and i don’t think she even knows it. her family adores her and she adores them right back. i LOVED taking these pics. what a special family you two have built!

these are the kinds of sessions i love. real and un-forced. we just focused on them being together and the love they have for one another. and i loved it! thank you lubbats. you guys are incredibly adorable and refreshing to be around! see you soon i’m sure!

carter is here. houston lifestyle newborn photographer

i love this family. i have had the privilege of spending countless hours with them and it always seems more like play than work. they are HILARIOUS and now that hilarious family is a family of four! jackson…what a SWEET big brother you will be. i can’t wait to see you two become best buddies. thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your newborn session again mcgown family! i love you guys!