Beau. Newborn Photographer Houston

Laura + Art – The time I got to spend with yall was so special to me! I’d been dying to meet Beau since the second I found out about him and OMG I fell in love! I am so happy for you guys…SO happy. I can’t wait to watch Beau grow through the years and you better believe Aunt Kelly will want to see him ALOT. Thank you for allowing me to spend the day with yall! Love you!

cousins. houston photographer

oh how i love these cousins so much…their parents are pretty much the bomb so it makes total sense why they are so cool:)thank you for allowing me to see both of you on the same day – it just about made my month! i always have a great time with yall. lisa – i cannot wait for the party next weekend and the chance to see the birthday boy again. thank you for that opportunity too!
allison and jordan
becca and jeff – how cute is elijah eating his cheerios?!
i am so happy all of you were game for my big balloons and trying a new location. you guys are the best. muah!

JD + Tara. Tomball Wedding Photographer

I don’t even know where to start. Seriously! Words just don’t seem good enough here. I was so incredibly nervous about this wedding because I wanted it to be perfect for them and it was taking place in broad daylight. If you know me, I shoot during the golden hour almost exclusively. Once I got there my stress instantly melted away and the whole world stopped during their wedding. It was the most magical, beautiful connection of hearts I have ever been a part of.

These are people that mean so much to me and have impacted my life forever. I have never met people quite like them…and they probably don’t even know how special or incredible they are because that is just how they are (Tara + JD, Sherrie + Adam). They love with all their heart and don’t let a day go by that is wasted or without purpose or love. They live their lives fully and for others letting their beautiful spirits SHINE. Their incredible outlook, perception, insight…it makes the most profound impact on everyone they come in contact with. Their personalities are infectious and their love is contagious! There is something about them that makes you just feel comfortable and draws you to them. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be there. I loved every single second of it. The world learns alot from you guys…that’s one thing that is certain. Thank you for that.

JD + Tara – Oh my gosh, the way you look at each other…the words you said…the way you hold each other. WOW! I am sure you noticed the crazy mess in the corner who was sweating AND crying all at the same time…yeah that was me:)I am so happy for you that you were brought into each other’s lives. CONGRATULATIONS.

And Tara – the way your kids look at you is the most special thing ever…I hope you see it – they are all so incredibly in love with you! And the way that you make every single person feel like they are the only person on Earth makes me know that they see the way you look at them too:)
[BTW Tara – I saw your mom look at you the same way too. The emotion and truth and connectedness you all have is so beautiful].

Geoff + Jessica. Houston Wedding

I loved capturing the wedding of Geoff and Jessica. So much love in the air! Their wedding was so much fun – the band was amazing and everyone was DANCING! Jessica even made a cameo on stage yo sing with them…I was so impressed! Geoff and Jessica – CONGRATS! So happy for you two. And without further ado, here’s the sneak peek. I can’t wait to show you the completed full size images. I’ll be in touch soon! xxUntitled-1

oh these two. houston maternity session

oh these two were so sweet together. they were so snuggly and just two peas in a pod! not to mention impeccably styled…well done girls! congratulations on your new addition to the family coming soon. i am so happy for you guys! thank you for choosing me to take your pictures…i really enjoyed it. xxUntitled-1