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newborn session mcnally
little elvie – you are so LOVED! i saw your dad’s excitement the second he opened the garage and told me to come on in…BEAMING! your mom…BEAMING! your grandmother…BEAMING! you are gorgeous and so loved. you’re a lucky lady to be born into the family you have – they’re pretty much awesome! but i know you can already tell:)and they are feeling really lucky themselves.
thanks sean and shannon – you are guys are so great to work with. CONGRATS!

ONE! first birthday . houston, tx

Every time I take this family’s pictures I have fun and every time I sit down to edit I feel like I hear laughter coming right out of the computer! They’re so full of energy and life and love…so fun to be a part of! I am so thankful for you coming back over and over from Jackson’s newborn session until now – THANK YOU! I appreciate you both Susannah and Patrick!


Susannah - Kelly, I don’t know how you do it! Every time I’m worried about forgetting balloons, not looking quite right and not having enough props for pictures it doesn’t even matter because your pictures always come out amazing and so much more than I could ever have expected!! Thank you thank you thank you!! You are seriously THE BEST! Oh and PS all my family in dallas is totally jealous! They wish you worked there too :)

kelly - you seriously have the KINDEST heart! thanks for putting a smile on my face. working with you is always so enjoyable. and you have been sooooo patient THANK YOU! p.s. we have family in dallas so i can always make a trip for pictures/family! xo

baby brynlie. newborn session houston, tx

i am going to be short and sweet on this one because i’m running out of time before the kids wake up! brynlie could not have been an easier, more enjoyable baby to photograph…she made the posing easy and was so irresistible adorable the whole time…i wanted to squeeze her! brenda and kelly – i love your family and am so thankful you came to me for pictures. congrats!

back in town. lifetsyle family portraits sugar land, tx

the thompson’s are back in town and i was fortunate enough to be asked over again. this time we took pictures of the whole family. the kids were so relaxed and comfortable since they had met me before. it didn’t feel like more than a year had gone by since i had seen them! i had so much fun once again and felt very lucky to be asked back. i love your family. thank you so much!

ethan. lifestyle newborn photography houston, tx

welcome ethan! what a beautiful (inside and out) family you have been born into! your mom has the most infectious smile and you will find that out for yourself once you can see past a few inches!:)your dad was excited and very participatory in pictures…so nice coming from a dad! everyone is very excited you’re here – i just know you & sweet eli will be best buddies one day! i can’t wait to watch you grow cute ethan.
thank you scott & monica – loved spending time with you guys and feeling more like friends after working together for the 4th time! xo