van patten. family photographer fulshear tx

sandra and lamont – i loved getting the chance to see you again! you and your crew are always so sweet and uplifting to be around. i love getting to see those sweet kids grow. THANK YOU!

Sandra - I love them!!! They are all so beautiful!!!
You are amazing Kelly, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3

waiting for reid. lifestyle maternity session

ashlei and bryan were supposed to have traditional maternity photos taken and then plans changed. ashlei was admitted to the hospital on bed rest early but we decided to do the pictures anyway to capture a time in their life they want to remember forever. ashlei and bryan didn’t have many photos together so we decided we had to change that! we had so much fun being goofy in the hospital and then we broke out for a walk (doctor approved) for a little freedom! i can’t wait to meet reid. thank you a + b!

Melody - love that you still did the shoot! These are beautiful! They will treasure them always I am sure!

Kelly Garvey Photography | reid. eight weeks new - […] met this adorable couple in april. we were supposed to be planning maternity pictures but then sweet ashlei was admitted to […]

baby burpee. lifestyle newborn session in the heights hou

oh how i love this family. i used their session pictures for a very special project i am holding close to my heart. i procrastinated finding a family to use for this project long enough and didn’t have a scheduled newborn session coming up quite fast enough so i had to find someone. i posted on facebook about what i was looking for and got many emails right away but i immediately knew i had to work with this family. denitsa’s emails were so sweet and funny and loving. just from her emails i could tell how much she adores her family and how much they adore her. from the emails i could also tell how real and genuine this family is. denitsa is a photographer too so she has a deep appreciation for pictures and since she is usually behind the camera she was very supportive of having the opportunity to get in some pictures. i was so excited to go to the house and meet them! everything i thought was true and more. i totally think god made me procrastinate for a reason because he knew that baby burpee and his family would be the perfect companions for my special project. thank you z family for being so awesome. i love you guys! please tell my little buddy eli i said hello! happy mother’s day denitsa! you’re beautiful inside and out!

the lambeths. houston family session

i seriously get to work with the sweetest families. the lambeths lived here then moved temporarily to singapore. i missed the opportunity of working with them right before they moved but was so excited to hear they wanted to fit in a session while they were visiting last week. elodie and Ben kept us moving and were so freaking adorable! Brad and Christine – you guys are so cute together and it was fun following you guys around the park. thank you again for fitting in time for me while you were here! so grateful.

norah rain. houston lifestyle newborn session

i’ve known Katie since I was like three years old and now we have kids who are about the same age as we were back then. time flies! but some things still remain the same…i love you katie and cherish our friendship! and nathan and autumn and norah too…love you all. congrats – norah is beautiful!