shannon & sean. waiting on elvie houston, tx

sean & shannon – i loved your session! you have the coolest dog ever. i seriously want to hook up my duke with lexi…he needs a lady friend! except he is 8 so he may be too old for her. we can have them exchange numbers? haha jk. i can’t wait for elvie to be here and to work with you all again! xo

man down. houston family photographer

i love working with families again & again over the years…the last time i photographed william he was turning one! he’s such a big boy now. i had so much fun playing with you guys in the park. thank you so much for coming back to me. i hope you find the pictures were worth it after the brand new helicopter flyer you lost in the woods! i’m sorry you lost it – sounds like you have lost a few already!

lots of families i love. playing catch-up houston photographer

Usually I don’t put multiple sessions into one blog post but I figure my time is better off being invested in editing at this point rather than on blogging! So here you have it – a few of the beautiful families I have had the joy of working with in the past week. I loved my time with all of you! Thanks for being so awesome!

Rodrigues Family

Smith Family

Gibson Family

Reynolds Girls

Valenson Family

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you all!

little lady. houston children’s photographer

meet sarah. a dancing, skipping, story telling, giggling, beautiful (inside & out) six year old who is such a little lady! she knows all about france and wants to visit the eiffel tower. she was full of all kinds of facts & there was never a dull moment.:)sarah – i had so much fun hanging out with you. you are one special little girl! thanks for hiring me take your pictures. happy halloween!

ghostbuster :) houston family photographer

Alisa & Mike – I don’t think you realize how much fun I had with your family! Your kids are so cute & you guys are hilarious. I am so glad we FINALLY got this session in after so many rain delays! Thanks for your patience in seeing your sneak peek. I hope you enjoy! xo