Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, I am just an email or call away.

1. Where are you located?
I am in Houston, Texas between the Cypress & Katy areas, about 20 miles west of downtown.

2. Are you available to travel?
I am definitely willing to talk about it! I am almost always up for a get-away. Depending on when & where, it could be a possibility. To compensate for extra time & travel, an extra fee of $1/mile for anything over 25 miles driving distance from 77084 will apply. For trips involving a plane ride,  we’ll need to talk details!

3. When do you schedule portrait sessions?
Currently I am taking sessions on the weekends. I schedule natural light sessions either around sunrise or two hours before sunset when the sun is nice & soft. Email for availability or if you have questions. If your availability is limited, when you email me – send me some dates you’d be interested & I’ll cross check my calendar.

4. What should I wear for a shoot?
Click here or here for ideas.

5. How do I book a session?
Check out my “contact” section and shoot me an email. Together we will work out all the details. Let me know your preferred time frame (AM or PM) & I will let you know what is open. Please *try* to contact me as early as possible, because I usually book months in advance. However, don’t hesitate to ask if you need me sooner, I may have a cancellation. Within 5 days of booking I will need your deposit & contract to secure the date. kelly@kellygarveyphotography.com 832.457.0560

6. What forms of payment do you accept?
I will send an invoice for the session fee through my merchant account with Intuit (Quickbooks) that can be paid online using debit OR credit. You can always mail a check if you prefer.

7. How long does it take to get my disc?
Lots of thought goes into the editing process. You’d be amazed at how long I sit in front of the computer after a session looking at your pictures, many times at least 15 hours (and more for special events) depending on the amount of pictures I took or what kind of session I am editing. It’s not because the pictures need help, it’s because I have a vision of exactly how I want them to be changed through out the editing process & I am meticulous until I get there. I like to put my loving edit into each picture that goes on your gallery without batch editing. It could take up to two weeks to complete the editing phase (longer for weddings or big events). Please know that I am working on it as quick as I can, usually from the time I get home from your session because I am just so excited to see them! I love to surprise my clients with their pictures being done early whenever I can. I will let you know when they are complete and will post a sneak peek for you to see on my photography blog (unless you have indicated you’d rather me not). Thanks for your patience!

8. How do I get my pictures?
If you have purchased images on a disc, I mail the DVD of pictures to your address. I will also mail prints & products as soon as they arrive from the lab. I like to be able to check the order before you receive it.

9. When is the best time to photograph babies?
In order to get them when they are drousy & comfortable being photographed, we must photograph them between 3-10 days old (preferably 3-7 days though). For more Newborn information, click here.

10. I have my disc of images, now where do I print them?
If you are reading #10, I love you already:)This topic is so important to me that I have created two blog posts on the topic. part 1 & part 2. PLEASE read them both before you print and thank you! I can’t stress how important this is.

11. How much do you charge?
Session fees start at $200 & print packages start at $650 ($400 print minimum). I offer a variety of products & images on disc. Most people spend between about $650 & $2,250 after the session. You are given freedom in choosing digital packages, print packages OR buying a la carte. Visit my investment page for a breakdown or email me to receive a welcome packet with detailed information.

12. Do you have any specials?
Not usually.

13. Will my prints or images on disc that I purchase be watermarked?
No, they will not be watermarked. I watermark the pictures I post anywhere on the web to help protect them from theft, but the ones you will receive are free of watermarks.

14. I saved a picture from my session that was posted on Facebook (the blog, the website, etc) & when I printed it, the picture is tiny & looks very pixelated…what is going on?
I resize all of my pictures for the web. The file sizes of my pictures before resizing are HUGE so in order to post them online, I always resize them to small, low-resolution files. The pictures online are not meant to be saved to your computer or printed as they are a much lower quality than what you will be receiving. Taking screen shots of the pictures is actually illegal & will result in very poor quality images. Thanks for your patience in waiting to print until you get your disc. The real pictures will come out much better than the ones you snag from facebook or the blog!;)

15. What is in your bag?
I have a lot in my bag, but in terms of camera & lenses, here’s what I have:
Nikon D3S primary
Nikon D700 back-up
16mm fisheye 2.8
24-70 2.8
70-200 2.8
85mm 1.4 G
50mm 1.4G
105mm macro 2.8
35mm 1.4G

16. What products do you offer?
Glad you asked! I created a blog post on that topic here that I will keep adding to (click here). The welcome packet has more information regarding product prices.