in the photographer communityi love staying active in the photographer community.

here are some places you can find me beyond my own website:
clickinmoms pro daily project
Click It Up A Notch
click magazine
style me pretty texas

i enjoy writing and like to think of it as giving back to other people interested in photography. i remember very well that i had a lot of help getting started from other photographers who did the same and received tons of inspiration from many photographers so i feel like it’s the least i can do.

i was one of the 2012-2014 contributors for a photography blog called “click it up a notch.” here’s a list of the articles i have written for CIUAN. it’s a great learning resource!

here’s a list of articles i wrote¬†for the clickinmoms blog.

my current project is a break out session (workshop) on lifestyle newborn photography that will launch on the clickinmoms forum. for more information, check here.