this week in pictures week eleven through twenty four. cm pro daily blog

woah, am i behind or what?! i was supposed to keep up with a small blog post every week with all of my dailies for the week. i am officially 4 months behind on these!lots of big stuff has happened…like miles being born!i picked a few from each week i missed. hopefully going forward i won’t get too behind again.sorry for the picture overload!

melissa - So sweet and I like seeing them all together 🙂

lerin - Don’t apologize for the picture overload… I happen to love every single one! What lucky boys to have such a talented mama to capture their childhoods so beautifully. 🙂

Lacey - There is no such thing as picture over-load when it comes to your work, Kelly! It is so cool to see your littlest grow like this in one single post!

Mishael - I love how you capture everyday life! How do you every choose a favorite, they are all amazing.

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